• SnappyWire is dreaming of a cashless society
  • SnappyWire は現金の要らない社会を夢見ています
  • SnappyWire rêve d'une société sans argent liquide
  • SnappyWire 는 현금없는 사회를 꿈꾸고 있습니다
  • SnappyWire 正在梦想着一个无现金的社会
  • SnappyWire träumt von einer bargeldlosen Gesellschaft
  • SnappyWire está sonhando com uma sociedade sem dinheiro
  • SnappyWire мечтает о безналичном обществе
  • SnappyWire sueña con una sociedad sin efectivo
  • SnappyWire กำลังฝันถึงสังคมที่ไม่มีเงินสด
  • SnappyWire đang mơ về một xã hội không có tiền mặt
  • SnappyWire يحلم مجتمع غير النقدي
  • स्नप्वायर एक नकदहीन समाज का सपना देख रहा है

The Fastest and simplest mobile POS platform

SnappyWire is the fastest and simplest mobile POS platform
with Apple Pay and various credit card support
anytime, anywhere.

Save time and money

No Waiting list

- Just install and activation will be ready for all

The Simplest

- Easy for every generation on any occasion


- The world's simplest commerce is yours

Social Media Sales Ready

- SnappyLink provides 24/7 service

Mobile APP POS

No Setup Fee

- Free!

No Additional Equipment

- No additional cost for HW or no extra cost

No Monthly Fee

- Paid per transaction

Proven Service
SnappyWire is the globally expanding payment service that handles 500 million USD of transactions in Korea and Japan on its first service year, 2017
No heavy and big POS terminal,
No additional POS accessories.

With SnappyWire app, you can make online/offline transaction at any situation.

No POS terminal

No additional POS Accessary

No independent eCommerce website

No monthly fee

Apple Pay

One time QR code to your customer makes you accept Apple Pay payment

OCR / Key-in

Credit card payment by either OCR scanning your customer’s credit card or manually key-in information makes transaction completed


Just placing your customer’s credit card to the back of your NFC-enabled smartphone collects credit card payments

IC Reader

Connecting a Bluetooth-enabled IC card reader can take credit card payments

Snappy Link

Creating a payment link through snappy link feature will sell your items on your social media network

SnappyWire for Snappy Life
Imagine any micro-merchants use Apple Pay with any smartphone. Any personal services like tutor, personal trainer, consultant can get paid simply and quickly everywhere.
We always do our best to create more convenient shopping settlement culture.
  • Richard Hwang
  • David Chung
  • Changseok Oh
  • Dongchul Kim
  • Sungki Park
  • Sangrok Park
  • Kiok Kim
  • Dusam Namgung
  • Meunghan Yu
  • Kyeongtak Kim
  • Seoji Kang
  • Jaeho Ryu
  • Donghwan Kim
  • Minji Oh
  • WonSeok Kim